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NO expectation

One of the things I tried at CHA was zentangle. I really like it, but it is suppose to be relaxing an calming. Putting you in a zen state. For me it got my panties in a bundle. Oh my goodness, am I mess this design up, I want an eraser, oh man I messed up.. I hate this. I think part of the problem is expectation. I fully thought that I would have a gorgeous black and white masterpiece when I was done. Plus looking on line at the designs and messing them up. It got me thinking, maybe this is not for me right now. Which in turn got me thinking about what really does relax me…ahhh watercolor chaos…oh yeah baby that is the ticket. So, I went off looking for a new watercolor journal.  I found this handmade one..it was gorgeous but huge! Of course my boys talked me into it.

I really should measure this bad boy to know the size!



My studio assistant:

I had to get busy with it right away, with the rules no expectations and no rules. Just paint what I felt!


The side of the book- YUM


Page one complete in the BIG book!

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Last night when I took the boys to the library, so Benner could read with Maggie Mae.

As,  I waited for the boys to come up the stairs. I glanced over and see a painting. I  was like wow this looks so familiar. I go up to look closer and tears well up in my eyes.

The artist of the painting was my high school art teacher Kathy Belling. She did this painting in 1988 which was when I was in 10th grade. I was her peer assistant from 10th-12th grade! Mrs. Belling passed away in 1997 at the age for 47 from cancer!  She always inspired me and cheered me on. Mrs. Belling was a wonderful artist, teacher, and person.

The last thing, I want to show you is some packaging. I have been thinking about making these for a while. I think it makes a huge difference when you give a gift or send a package and it’s all pretty! But it also has to affordable! One of the things I love is back to school time. You can get some things so cheap like notebook paper! A huge package for cents! I grabbed a few punches, stamps, glue, inks, ribbon and poof!

What has you inspired these days? I plan on working on an abstract watercolor piece this week! I am so inspired by Mrs. Bellings work!

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Abstract, Journal page


Sometimes at night, I just set with my sketchbook and play (usually while watching a baseball game). I use to worry that each page had to be a masterpiece. Now, I know that each page doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. With each page you learn something new. Plus if you are having fun just playing around that is enough!

So, here is a peek into my sketchbook. I’ve started sketching again. It feels pretty good, I will tell you!

Then, of course a couple of watercolor pieces. I just love the peerless watercolor. They make it so you can watercolor just about anywhere.

Hope you find sometime to play today! Thanks for stopping in! Oh, and I am getting close to my 500th blog post since I moved to wordpress. So, I think middle of next week.I will be doing a giveaway! So be on the look out for that!