Do I have to speak Korean to enter Hanlim Multi Arts School?

Hanlim Multi Arts School is a prestigious arts school in South Korea. It is known for its rigorous academic curriculum and high standards of excellence. Admission to the school is based on an entrance exam, and some students may be required to demonstrate proficiency in the Korean language. However, not all students are required to demonstrate proficiency in Korean. Non-Korean speakers can still be admitted to Hanlim Multi Arts School, provided they meet the other admission criteria. Therefore, speaking Korean is not a requirement for entering Hanlim Multi Arts School.


Why do some people say arts is not the best subject to study?

This article explores why some people have a negative opinion of art as an academic subject. It discusses how art is often seen as a hobby or leisure activity rather than a serious subject, and how it is not seen as an academic pursuit that leads to a career. It also talks about how art is a subjective experience rather than an objective one, and how this can lead to disagreements over its value. The article concludes by noting that art is still an important and valid academic subject, and that its study can lead to personal growth and development.


What do you think about art and culture?

This article explores the many different aspects of art and culture. It looks at how art and culture can be used to help foster creativity, express emotions, and bring people together. It also examines how art and culture can be used to shape and define our identities, as well as how art and culture can be used to help us understand our past. Finally, this article discusses the importance of appreciating and preserving art and culture for future generations. In conclusion, art and culture are important aspects of our lives, and they should be celebrated, appreciated, and preserved.


Are British artists so popular in the United States? Why?

British artists enjoy considerable popularity in the US. This is due to a combination of factors, including the wide range of genres represented in British music, the long history of cultural exchange between the two countries, and the fact that many British artists have achieved success in the US by appealing to a broad audience. Additionally, British acts continue to enjoy success on the American charts, with singles and albums regularly reaching the top of the Billboard charts. This success is also due to the strong presence of British acts on American radio and television. Finally, the British music industry has invested heavily in the US market, engaging in partnerships and strategic marketing campaigns that have helped to build the profile of British artists in the US.


Is bakery a hospitality sector?

Bakery is a part of the hospitality sector as it provides food and beverage services to customers. Bakery shops have different menus, with a range of cakes, pastries and other baked goods. They offer services like dine-in, take-away, delivery and catering. Bakery products are widely available in supermarkets, convenience stores and online. The bakery sector has seen significant growth over the past few years as people are increasingly looking for convenient, freshly-baked food.


Bead Soup Swap & Create

Lori Anderson hostess the best Bead Soup Swap & Create online gather. So, when I seen she was hosting another one…I couldn’t help but jump on board. Thanks, Lori

Lori paired me up with mega talented Bobbie Rafferty of beadsong jewelry . To say, I felt a little out of my league after drooling on Bobbie’s blog and Instagram is an understatement. Then, I received the soup that Bobbie sent…..again way way out of my league….and to top it off Bobbie was so generous that she sent two focus beads. Oh how to choose…but I took some deep breaths and got to work.

Here is what, I came up with:

Necklace/Earring set #1

Healed Caterpillar

Since, the focal pendant was so big and absolutely gorgeous, I wanted to make it the true center piece and a simple pair of earrings 😉

Necklace/Earring Set #2

Landscape Songs

Bobbie beaded that bead…eeekkk ….it’s so gorgeous! She is so talented. I was so excited to create a necklace with it. As, you can see I like a long necklace.

I hope you have enjoyed my projects. I can’t wait to see what Bobbie and the rest of the group did. Be sure to check out everyones project out! List is below.

Lori Anderson, hostess

Anastasia Urbanski

Andrea Garvens

Ann Snyder Rishell

Bee Kuhlman

Becky Pancake

Birgit Klughardt

Bobbie Rafferty, My partner – CHECK HER OUT!

Bridget Torres

Candida Castleberry

Christina Hickman

Divya N

Donna Hoblit

Dorit Woldenga

Elaine Robitaille

Elisabeth Auld

Ginger Bishop

Heather Canepa

Hope Smitherman

Inge von Roos

Jackie Locantore

Jayne Capps

Jenny Kyrlach

Jennifer Reeb

Jill Bradley

Joan Williams

Jodie Marshall

Joyce Becker

Kate Dufour

Kathleen Breeding

Kathy Lindemer

Katie Nielson-Nunez

Katrina Baslow

Kelly Hosford Patterson

Kim Hutchinson (that’s me and you are here)

Lisa Baxa

Lisa Long

Lorelei Eurto

Lucy Clasen

Marianna Wehner

Melissa Trudinger

Monica Dockery

Natalie Ettinger

Natalie Moton

Pamela Traub

Raquel Rosario

Robin Reed

Rochelle Brisson

Sarah Beardslee

Shaiha Williams

Susan Kelly

Terri Gauthier

Terry Jeanette Carter

Valerie Norton

Thanks for stopping in to see what I created! Please go check out some of the other group members gorgeous pieces! You will not be disappointed, I PROMISE!



InkyStamper- Paper Clip box and Owl Stamp Set

Good Thanksgiving Morning!

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade! Every year since I can remember I have watched the Parade while cutting snowflakes and making ornaments. This year is no different, one thing a pandemic can’t change.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your day is filled with lots of food, football, and fun! I know we have a crazy 8’s tournament planned!



Owl- InkyStamper

Good morning everyone….. Today, I wanted to show you this cute little Fall/Thanksgiving place card holder using the Owl set and Praying Mantis Set from InkyStamper. Very simple and fun to make and will look adorable on your table.

TIP: Lifesavers you can get at the dollar store/dollar tree 3 packages for a buck!
Just slit a small opening in your brown log (which was stamped with the log slice from the praying mantis set then just cut a piece clear card panel and fold it into a T. Put it though the slit opening and attach your owl (colored or decorated one on one side and just the cut out of the owl on the back side and then decorate.

Hope you enjoyed my OWL lifesaver place card holder. If you have any questions, let me know! I would be happy to answer them.

See ya soon,



Ralph- Oh Crap!

Good Morning, I am not sure about you all but I am sick of COVID and all the things it has limited to us to do and how it has changed our lives. So, I am here with a card using the TP set from InkyStamper. This is such a fun set. I love that you have so many options with InkyStamper stamp sets- with a main stamp, background, sentiments, and elements. Makes it so easy to put together a card.

I know we just have to Just keep rolling with it…together we will get though this time today!

Hope you enjoyed my cute card TP!

See you soon,



CIC #500

Good morning, Friends!

Today, InkyStamper is taking part in the Cupcake Inspiration Challenge! They are celebrating 500 Challenges. This group is wonderful and full of inspiration. Make sure to check them out.

I’ve made a duper fun tent card! I love this type card because you Velcro it to stand up but it folds down flat to mail!


My card uses InkyStamper’s new cupcake stamp and the hearts are from the small fry box set.

Want to win some prizes and see lots of inspiration? Heck ya, you do! Head over to the Cupcake Inspirations.

Thanks for stopping in!



It’s Pie time….

Good Morning,

I am so excited to finally be able to share the new Pie stamp set from InkyStamper.

InkyStamper is celebrating one year in business….say WHAT?…..I know seems so crazy, RIGHT!!!!! InkyStamper has grown so much in the last year.


It’s been an exciting journey for all of us at InkyStamper. With even more new stuff coming your way soon! SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE, it’s true!

oie_WXZykpgB8bkT (1)

Make sure to check out all the comes and goes on our facebook page Inkystamper

Facebook- InkyStamper Inkspiration

Go Shopping- InkyStamper Store

InkyStamper Blog


Run over and join the InkyStamper Inkspiration page on facebook and see what other fun things the Design Team and other members are doing! You will love it!

Thanks for stopping in!




Tee pee… Pig Cause….Birthday card

Good morning 🤩

Have ya seen these Tee Pee cards? They are basically three of the same squares you glue together and then Velcro the one side and they make a Tee pee. Go to Pinterest and check them out. Super duper addicting to make.

InkyStamper- Pig 🐷cause

I had to made it a shaker card too! So, fun right?

For more InkyStamper fun come on over to the Facebook group- InkyStamper Inkspiration.

Thanks for dropping by today!

Hugs, K-



Good Morning,

I’m here on this fine, Monday morning with a little ant inspiration.

Since, today is National Watermelon Day! I thought no better image to use then InkyStamper’s Ant to celebrate. We all know that ants and watermelon go hand in hand.

One fun thing, I did was stamp on the ribbon. Yes, you read that right. You can stamp on ribbon! I used a double sided satin ribbon and Nuvo ink. But Stazon would have given me a clearer image. If you want to stamp on ribbon ….you are going to have to experiment with different ribbons and inks. Trust me it will be worth it! Just look at these results.

Thanks for stopping in…enjoy National Watermelon Day!

Hugs, K-


One little word 2020

I picked my #olw for 2020! Have you? Or do you do a resolution.


I want to see things this year in a different perspective. Have more awareness of how others see things. Discover things from different angles. Realize what’s important to worry about and what’s not. What to focus on. Remembering to be true to myself.

This morning, I spend time focusing on trying something new and having the perspective to know that it’s not perfect…heck it’s doesn’t even line up. BUT…I enjoyed the process…my soul was happy.

Here’s to a happy and health 2020.




[Blog hop] Inky Stamper Orb die!

Hello …..

Welcome to the Inkystamper blog hop! Wasn’t Chelsea’s project stinking adorable!!!

I’m here to show you the new orb die!!!

This die makes it so fun, fast, and easy to make ornaments.

Supplies: Inkystamper orb die, card stock, and red line tape. Optional: fishing line, stamps, marker, and stickers.

I thought it would be fun to make personalize ones for each member of my family.

I used the swirl stamp from dragonfly set one the first one for my husband.

This next one, I used the new Chicken set to make it look like a soccer ball for my son Ben.

I used the dragonfly set again on the orb ornament for my son Sam.

Seriously, these orbs are super easy and addicting to make.

Look, how adorable they look on a tree!

[FUN ALERT] As you probably read on Chelsea’s blog…I get to give away 2 limited edition InkyGreeting sets!!! So, leave me a comment and I’ll pick a winners on Sunday.

Thought, I would show you one last orb ornament. This time using the InkyGreeting set you could win.

Go check our the other talented DT members blogs.

Jenn Gross

Erica Thompson

Jen Carter

Stephanie Rogers

Carrie Rhoades

Thanks for stopping in to check out my projects!

Hugs, K