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Drum roll please…..

so sorry it has taken me so long to post the winner of my winged art piece. The week has went a little sour for us. Benner seen the ENT on Wednesday- has a massive sinus infection and tonsil infection! Benner is going to need to have his tonsil removed.  We see the Doctor again in two weeks (his Birthday) to schedule the surgery. He has really not feeling well.


So Mama thought a frog tent would help him feel some better 🙂

OH OH OH you are really wanting to know who WON the winged heart????

Congratulations TAMI B.!

In other news- we could use a few prayers- Mr. Ink Uncle Art passed away today from cancer. It was stage four when they found it only give him about 2 weeks.

This brings me to the charm I made today- YES, another winged piece- a charm


I wish and pray each day for a cure for cancer!
Happy Fri-cake day! Thanks for all your kind comment 🙂



7 thoughts on “Drum roll please…..”

  1. Congrats Teabear!!!

    I love all of these new “winged” items that you are doing!

    I love the froggy tent and hope that Ben starts feeling better.

    Sorry about the Uncle too.

  2. Lucky me! Love the new winged heart and the frog tent is amazing. You are such a fun mom.

  3. Life goes on! in your house…. I’m sorry about your uncle in law….
    I love the charm…. thanks for taking the picture with the penny… your camera work is so good, I can’t tell the dimension of your teeny work… no with the penny for reference, that is so cool! Love the frog tent too. Boy, our kids are so lucky with all that cute and fun stuff….have a great week creating!!

  4. That frog tent is awesome. Sorry about uncle. I hope Ben feels better soon. Being sick sucks the bag.

  5. Poor Ben. Hope he feels better soon. Your charm is darling. Congrats to Tammy.

  6. That tent sure should make Ben feel better in the interim! It looks great!
    Your lil’bitty charm looks great!

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