Just hanging out…

that is what my package of papers is doing in my backyard! I saw that Julie had done this little experiment that she had learned about from Seth called Natural Evolution.  Which is all about Mother Nature age your papers for you! So I had to jump on the band wagon. LOL! I put my package of stuff together and hung it outside today! We are having an awesome weather day here today it is 43 degrees! Yahoo! Some of the snow is starting to melt!


I hung three pieces of leather of the end – it is a little windy right now so this is the best photo I could get! This will stay in my tree until May 1st!


I am so looking forward to spring and not seeing anymore brown dead plants!


Toby trying to sleep standing up! Silly pup!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday! Thanks for stopping in!



5 thoughts on “Just hanging out…”

  1. Now isn’t that an interesting idea. Can’t wait to see how it comes out. Good job on your photos–very nicely done. Toby is so so cute!! Just like the guy from Little Rascals. Do you even know who they were; you’re so young.

  2. Toby looks how I feel today…

    NIce package! Can’t wait to see these on May 1!

  3. Love the header, with the winged heart! I also like that what you make depends on your mood and the inkspots!! Perfect, perfect!!! Don’t ever apologize for not posting, or missing a day! Come in with, LOOK and see what I’ve done, today is the day for this inspiration!!!! You can only apologize if you promised somebody something and you can’t get to it. Does that make sense??? I’m rambling… must be the sunshine….

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