Live it up….

This is my last summer before both inkspots will be in school! Granted Benner will only be going half day but still! We are enjoying each day and trying to do something fun.

The seeds of life is what keeps us full! Enjoy the meal!


The theme at Mixed Media Monday is PLAY. Which got me thinking.  I am such the planner with my art projects….I sketch almost everything I do out! Sometime, I think I plan longer than it takes to make them! LOL!  This leads me to my last project. As a lot of you guessed I have been planning on doing a mosaic. For way over a year I wanted to do a mosaic. I thought it would be sooooo much fun! So, I thought I would play with it! I did not plan out this project just running with it! I have NO idea if I will get this done for Mixed Media Monday this week and I am good with that! I am having a blast! The boys like it since I did it outside while they looked for bugs!


6 inch clay pot!

This was flying around my backyard!


Thanks for visiting me! Have a Grand day!



4 thoughts on “Live it up….”

  1. Get it done! Get it done! Go for it! No plan, good idea, adventures are always fun! A lot of good things happen even they weren’t planned!

    Go snoopy!

  2. Your mosaic is turning out very nice. I suspect you’ll have it done and posted by the end of the weekend.

  3. Wow Kim this is awesome so far and I will be back on Mon. to see the finished pot 😉 because I know it will be done.

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