The six hour tour

Sooooo the weekend at the Farm did not go as planned. Since, I am a smart intellcant gal that is all I going to say! We had a wonderful time walking down the lane.

Look at all this beauty:


“Fly free”


“Hip Hip Horray for skylines”

I did get a little painting done at the farm! I love sitting outside and painting!



The trip home was sooo much fun! It took us about 6 1/2 hours to get home and it is only an 1 1/2 trip home! We did a little site seeing and had to make a trip back to the farm for something we forgot. It was amazing how much laughing we did!


“Ferry Boat”


“Guarded “

Hope you all have a colorful week! Thanks for stopping!



10 thoughts on “The six hour tour”

  1. Gorgeous photos and love your painted tags. I may have to take my tags and paints outside soon…enjoy the inkspots this summer. They are little for such a short time…mine just turned 17 this weekend! Seems like only yesterday he was a little boy, now he’s a young man.

  2. Ohhhh Kim…. love the skyline…. look some day on my blog when I try to create a Zindorf like image CASe-ing. Great pictures!!!

  3. Hey Kim looks like you had a great vacation love the pictures especially the butterfly on the thistle and that gorgeous skyline.

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