Number 470

Thought I would share some photos of Sam at the jog yesterday! Sam did 29 laps! We are all so proud of him!


This was before the jog started


The start of the race


Sam and his buddy celebrating a good jog!


This is one of the boys friends (with the number on).  She has CP- The poor thing tripped and fell – she cut her lips, teeth, arm.  Benner thought if he held her hand she would be safe for  getting any more road rash!

I took my little Sony camera to the jog since Mr. Ink had to work. All the parents end up doing laps with the kids! So, I did not want to lug my big Canon. When I downloaded photos from the Sony camera- lots of interesting thing were on it.

Benner’s work:



Have a wonderful Sunday! Thanks for stopping in!



10 thoughts on “Number 470”

  1. This whole post is adorable Kim! All those laps for Sam! Ben being so sweet. That kid art.

    Your family rocks.

  2. I love that Benner walked with that girl … must have made you proud!

  3. I love that Benner walked with that girl … must have made you proud! Way to go Sam!!!

  4. It’s a special treat to see what y’all are doing. You are creating great memories and are documenting some great things in your lives!
    Life is so grand, thanks for sharing!

  5. Yah for the boys. Give the boys a high five for me–Sam for running in the race, and Ben for helping the girl out.

  6. LOL! Love these pics, especially the money toes! They could come in handy…do they dispense dollar bills too???

  7. YAHOO Sam and Ben what wonderful little guys you have there Kim 29 laps wow I would be lucky to get one in.

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