Back to normal

Mr. Ink is back to work today and the ink spots are back to school! Life has been fun with the flurry of activities and laughter with everyone home. Some how I am going to enjoy today when everyone is gone and the house is quiet! SMILE! Finally I will be able to get back to my studio! I got some big plans going on in my head…that I want to play out! te he he!

Here are some photos from the weekend!




Then on Sunday a friend took some family photos of us! Miss College Ink is missing since she had to work so we will be doing another photos shoot soon! Thanks so much Ms. Jenni 🙂




Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping by!



8 thoughts on “Back to normal”

  1. Awesome family photos!!! Love them all! Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. Awesome family photos. I love the one by the tree. Are you going to enlarge one and get it hung?

  3. Such good photos!!! I love the family ones, K. Call me a traditionalist, but I prefer the first family photo where you guys are all lined up looking at the cam.

  4. Gorgeous pics Kim I too love the one by the tree looks like everyone had lots of fun.

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