Scrapbook page

Nature ROCKS

The winter seems so long! I am missing being able to walk out in the woods at our family farm. No shadow from the Jimmy the groundhog. YES, early spring! WOO HOO!

12 x 12 scrapbook page

Ben has been sick with a nasty sinus infection! Tomorrow we see the ENT again! Fingers crossed that we can find a non- surgical way to treat him! In 4 years he has had 4 surgeries- he turns 5 in 9 days. I am not going for a surgery a year! UGH!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! Thanks for stopping in!


6 thoughts on “Nature ROCKS”

  1. WICKED! Nature does rock. LOVE the colours against the white. Stunning.

  2. Long winter… what? You were so looking to snow…. oh, when you get tired of the stuff then you complain…. hee hee!!!! It was a long winter 2 months ago!!!

    Really like this scrapbook page, lots of colors, easy to follow and read.

    Silly inkspot… feel better soon!

  3. Sorry about Ben infection they can be so nasty but on a lighter note GF love your collage. We have more nasty weather coming starting today yuk

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