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True American Hero….

Today is the 40th Anniversary that Marine  Sgt David Gonzales went miss in LAOS.  David was 23 years old when him and his crew were shot down in a USMC Helicopter during Vietnam War on a special mission. He was from Venura, CA. You are probably wondering how Sgt David Gonzales is special to me. Well, you see everyday I honor this HERO.  I wear his name on my wrist each and everyday! I have a POW/MIA bracelet!

My grandpa Adee was a veteran he was injured in WWII at the age of 24!

I am so grateful for all the men and woman that serve our Armed Forces. Thank you for keep us safe and making the choice to serve our country!  You are all heroes.

So in honor of Sgt. David Gonzales and all the other soldiers. I am making cards to send of to Operation Write Home. I hope you can join me.

Also I want to alert you to a new blog on my side bar of Links- Freedom Love. This is the blog of Miss College Ink. On her side bar if you link for free you can help Iraq and Afghanistan Vets! Also, if you read her blog you learn that last Saturday she got engaged to her Airman! It was a beautiful proposal make sure to read it! SMILE

Congratulations! We are so happy for you both!

I salute you Sgt David Gonzales!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!


8 thoughts on “True American Hero….”

  1. Such a beautiful post, K. Will hop over to the link this afternoon. Gotta run to school. Hugs for all you do!

  2. God bless our soldiers. My dad was an active soldier for 22 years and continued his support by creating Canada’s best military museum in London. He worked peacekeeping in Cyprus and Germany. Your cards will be very appreciated Kim.

  3. Bless our troops and vets!! Mu uncle is a WWII vet and is now a troop greeter at Bangor international airport..they are quite famous. Love this post Kim, I’ll go check out the other blog

  4. This is very special, K, and thank you so much for sharing 🙂


  5. What a wonderful post. I am also very grateful for our troops and often pray for them and their families. I will go check out Miss Ink’s blog too!

  6. I’m with you Kim God bless our troops I have supported this group a couple of times great way to give and congrats to Miss College Ink.

  7. Congrats on your daughter’s engagement! Bless our troops who sacrifice so much for our freedom. xo

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