One of the things I feel in love with at CHA was magic-glos from Lisa Pavelka. It is a resin that dries in the sunlight or under a UV lamp in 5 minutes! It is AWESOME! My hobby lobby and Micheal’s carries it so you can use a  coupon. So, I made a couple of pendants with more of the dried flowers from the Farm!

Tomorrow the boys get registered for school so they only go 1 1/2 hrs!

Give Magic-glos a try you will love it!

Thanks for stopping in! Enjoy the last days of summer!


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8 thoughts on “Poof…”

  1. I looked for it at my Michaels and they had a few of her products, but not the resin. I’ll have to try another store. Very cool pendants.

  2. Wow, not sure when I posted you a comment last, but you have changed the look of your blog. Very nice! Trust me I am out here looking at your blog regularly — I am a loyal follower, you even made the cut when I opted out of many of the blogs cause I was using too much time blogging and not enough doing. So I watch, but don’t comment as often. These charms are gorgeous. I used some stuff that was similar at a workshop I went to. I may have to invest in some. Thanks for sharing so many different things. I really love your work and continue to get inspiration regularly from you.

  3. Oh my heavens and stars, are your pendents ever nice. You rock GF. I looked at your link and got to thinking that I hope you can get a large bottle of your product at Michaels or HL because your coupon would be even better. I just used a 40% off coupon at Michaels for a $17 roll of ribbon. Yah, call me crazy but I’m going on holidays in a week and am mass producing some cards and really need it. Hope your boys enjoyed their first day of school. Whew, that was a lot, eh?

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