I got published again…this time Just Cards Volume 19! WOO HOO!

My card on the Birthday card page 😉

Here is my card.

So what else have I been working on??? Well, lots of stuff! I am getting ready to do a craft fair in November with my peeps! SMILE! So, I have been working on stuff for that!

Also, I have been working on my Charm for my yahoo group- the theme for this necklace was sticks and stones:

Otherwise, just busy with the boys and school stuff! Who knew 2nd graders have a spelling test each week with up to 47 words? UGH!!!!

Thanks for stopping in! Your comments mean the world to me!


6 thoughts on “Just….”

  1. Congrats on the pub. Love the sticks and stones. Oh, yeah, the spelling tests. Those were a nightmare for us.

  2. Congratulations on being published again. Love that bright orange.

    Your charm is awesome too. I like how that leaf wraps around the glass. Cool work GF.

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