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Yesterday, I spend the day working on some big scrabble tile pendants! This is one of the ones I made.

Last night after dinner this is what goes over the top of my house!

So low that we could talk to the 3 people in the basket! It was really neat but a little worrisome too!

How you are all having a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping in to visit me! Your comments mean the world to me!


PS- I am so happy for the Miners and their families in Chili! I am addicted to watching them all be reunited with their families!

5 thoughts on “Coincidence”

  1. Magical! I love happy endings, too. Ok, please please tell me more about the big scrabble tiles. You know I’m dying to hear about it.

  2. How cool is that?! Your domino rocks, and so does your story. Psychic are you? I really enjoy seeing your domino art. So professional for sure!

  3. Love the tiles you’ve been creating lately! I cant imagine working on such a small surface area! Beautiful hot air balloon pic too!

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