Secret Keeper

Last week,  I started my big painting (ok at least for me it is big). It is a little over 1 ft by 2 ft tall! Seems bigger if I talk about it in feet instead of inches! te he he!

I am happy to say I finished it today!

“secret keeper” in handmade frame (made by Mr. Ink- xox)

Close up of the owl

I am a total owl nut,  I have been watching the live owl cam on Mel & Sydney who are due to have their babies hatch any day now.  Barn owls are so gorgeous. We also have an owl that comes each night near some trees in our neighborhood. I step outside each night with a cup of tea and just listen to the  sounds of these beauty sounds of  this beautiful creature. So peaceful! My inspiration for this piece. What inspires you???

Hope your having a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping in!


10 thoughts on “Secret Keeper”

  1. Aww, so sweet! I love it! I love seeing the sheet music coming thru too- adds another element. I can’t wait to try a big painting- after I get a little better!

    Thanks for sharing with us over on Modish. Come back again next Tues! 🙂

  2. Holy catfish. Is this ever a stunning, stunning piece of art. You’re sooooooo good GF! Good for you for hanging it up. Here’s a blog for you:

  3. Geez Louise this is amazing I love your owl and those blue eyes are so life like, we have a hoot owl family around our house usually in the summer and we sit on the porch at night listening to them the first time I heard them I had hubby up about 3:30 in the morning at we sat on the porch for hours, so cool.

  4. Awesome secret keeper and it is huge by anyone’s standards. Love that you’re always pushing the creative envelope. Beautiful work, K.

  5. How neat! Love the sheet music faintly behind the owl and the lines for the moon ! Nice job!

  6. I love your painting! Love also the fact that the frame was made by your husband! This is really cool. Have a great day Kim!

  7. WOWSERS. Just love this, K. Congratulations on your first painted canvas.

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