Are you Fearless?

Happy Friday, everyone! This week has been so busy. I have hardly been able to catch my breath. The boys had school conference’s yesterday. I am so proud of them! They are just amazing.

As, we came into the school the 3rd graders had jaguars (that they made) to adopt. All the money they raised was going to the Wildlife Federation. How could we not adopted one! SMILE! So, meet Jock!

This is the last month of my yahoo group round robin charm swap! I had the very lovely and talented Laurel Steven to finish with. Her theme is fearless.

Side one with the Honey Badger the most fearless animal in the world!

side two faux enamel

Here is Lauel’s finished necklace! It’s so fun 🙂 I can’t wait to get mine back! SMILE!

One last thing to show you. Remember how Benner did that really cool background using the never null? Well, I got my background done.

yes, it has a big crease thought the middle since I but it on corrugated cardboard. I have plans for the crease! SMILE!

Come on back tomorrow for my reveal of my bead soup necklace!

Thanks for stopping in today! You rock my world!




6 thoughts on “Are you Fearless?”

  1. Wow! So many cool things to look at. Such a variety of fun goodness!! Can’t wait to see what you get swapped out!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi K,

    Your work is out of this world. OMG the talent you have. Clearly jewlerry is your thing. Keep it up. And no, I’m not fearless.



  3. Hi K. NO, I’m not fearless. I wish I were. In fact, right now I am about out of my mind with stupid fear. I am leaving on vacation tomorrow to meet my cousin for a cruise. Leaving Michigan, the cold and the snow would normally be great, but this is the first trip that I have been on traveling w/o my hubby in about six years. Health issues stopped my cousin and I from going on our annual cruise after 11 years running. I know it will be okay, but still fear. My “word” this year is “crescendo”. I picked it because I decided I needed to live life more, bigger, stepping out of that comfort zone in a grander, louder way. Ergo, cruise. Tonight, I am feeling a bit more pianissimo I’m afraid. I really need to borrow that fearless necklace! Love your charm. Love the idea that Ben’s school is doing the philanthropic things. I was recently invited to have lunch with my friends 4th grade daughter at our local elementary school and was surprised and pleased to see they were doing something similar. Great to teach kids to give back at such an early age. I’m afraid there is a whole younger generation out there that can’t see past themselves to give back. Kids like Ben and Annie are learning early. Sheesh, this is a very odd post I’m leaving, but I’m going with it. Please don’t block me from your inspiration because you think I’m dangerous as I go through this odd breakdown. BTW speaking of inspiration, I really love those backgrounds. I have started to subscribe to that woman’s blog. So, tomorrow I’m off and I look forward to seeing what you post while I’m away.

  4. Fabulous, Kim! Love the wildlife piece (especially because a kiddo made it) and the necklace is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what you do with the background…

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