Today,  was day one of the she  ART workshop by Christy Tomlinson.  I had a coffee date with a good friend this am- when I got home the videos/pdf were posted for this weeks lesson. Mr. Ink had cut my wood (I love working on wood).

I made a cup of tea and sat down to watch the videos. Here is how my lesson one turned out! Of course I did not use her templates for the girl. I went out on my own!


The size on this is 6 x 12 inches! Super duper fun size to work on!

How did you spend your Monday??

Thanks for stopping in! Your comments are very special to me!


6 thoughts on “SHE”

  1. Wow. You are the collage queen. This piece is beautiful. Full of (heart.) you are amazing Kim!

  2. This is just a little note to say Thank you for taking thr time to comment on my creation on sucha busy week-end. You gave me so much encouragement.
    Be Blessed
    Sandy Richardson

  3. Oh Kim. Where do I start?! Your girl figure is awesome. Love everything about your background. The newsprint in the legs is a cute touch. Great use of stamps, and postage stamp–LOL. I hope you are going to do more of these and sell them please!

  4. You really are fantastic! I love your collage work – this one especially reminds me of Kelly Rae Roberts! You go, girl! I love how you used the stamps and the text background for the girl. AWESOME!

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