One lump or two

I planned to spend the day in the studio working away, but instead I had the youngest ink spot home with me all day. He has a bad sinus infection again! Poor guy! So, I started to work with my jewelry stuff and off course I got half way done with my necklace and didn’t have everything I needed to finish it! UGH- so I changed gears and went back to painting!

I love TEA! How about you? What is your favorite kind?

Thanks for stopping in! Your comments melt my heart on these cold WI days!


10 thoughts on “One lump or two”

  1. Love the background paper! The spoon such a cute addition… is this a tiny project?? I like Chai Tea! Today I thought it was actually nice at 43 degrees.

  2. OMgosh, another beautiful, beautiful piece. The yellow is so different for you. Branching into unknown territory? Your owl is indeed cute. You’re killing me with all this new work.

  3. So cute. My fav is a chai latte with skim. Hope Benner feels better soon!

  4. I arrived here to see your Bead Soup but I just have to give you a suggestion about the sinus infections– a neti pot. It’s a completely drug-free way to keep the nasal passages healthy. I got a newer-style one and they have tutes on YouTube so your child can learn how to use it. It works! For allergies, sinus conditions, etc. Hope it helps!

  5. I am a tea addict but I don’t have a favorite brand because I use loose leaf tea. My favorite online vendor is American Tea Room. Everything that they offer is top drawer.

  6. Mmmm Tea!!!! I love all sorts of tea, K. Black, bold teas for the morning, a soothing peppermint or vanilla rooibos for the evening. A green tea during my Asian meals (sushi or Chinese etc). I’m so glad that you’ve found to love teas too!

    I am just loving your projects right now, so glad you signed up for that class!

  7. So cute!
    I am drinking Youthberry from Teavana a lot these days….I not only love the taste, but the color is divine as well.

    Happy anniversary!

  8. So cute! Love the little owl on the tea cup. Blueberry is my new favorite tea!

  9. Lately it’s been a coconut chai tea. Lovely piece, it’s good to get off track once in a while 🙂

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