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I am ready

Our house has been invaded by the sick monster. We all ended up with strep throat and something else- double ear infection, sinus infection, upper respiratory infection, etc… you get the point! Finally all of us are feeling better! We have disinfected  the house and threw out toothbrushes! Hopefully those bugs say away from us now- far away!

Since, we have been so sick no real time to create- sigh! Yesterday was Mr. Ink Birthday. He had the day off work so we got to hang out and enjoy each other. After a LONG shopping trip to Menard’s! He made me more frames and painted them! So, I will show you those soon! While he was in his wood shop I was in the studio.

This was the last week of the she ART class. So, I worked on a small girl (4 x 6 inches) I am going to tell you that it was a little more difficult then the 6 x 12 inches ones I have been doing!


I framed “Sally” in a little wooden frame from IKEA that I painted up. I am so ready for Spring! How about you?

Nothing like a boy and his kitty! SMILE!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping in! Your comments mean the world to me!


3 thoughts on “I am ready”

  1. Holy smokes, this is another stunning piece of art. I love seeing each of your new creations and I hope you continue to do these art girls. You are so very, very good at them. You are a natural. I also love your sentiment. Never being able to do sentiments, I’m in awe of you.

  2. It may have been more difficult, but I think it may be my favorite! Sally is beautiful! I’ve really enjoyed viewing your artwork from this class and am sorry it is over 😦 Glad you are all feeling better now. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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