Stage 2

Yesterday, I showed you the first step in the  12 x 12 inch painting I am working on.

Well, here is Stage 2 of it:

Did I go the direction you thought I would go? te he he

I also worked on another piece. A small 4 x 4 inch -which is on a coaster! You really can use anything for a base! SMILE! Meet Carol.

Happy Hump Day! Hope your week is going great! Today , the boys and I are having friends over for an art play session! I better go get things ready!

Thanks for stopping in! Your comments are always so NICE!


5 thoughts on “Stage 2”

  1. Carol is sweet 🙂
    And, your piece on stage 2, well, can’t wait to see it finished!
    I also had an angel wing in my hands today ;-D

  2. I love the play on words for the new name. Very cool! Thank you for giving sizes for your pieces…. your photography is so good… I can’t always tell from the straight on picture how big…. or small things are. That helps me to visualize! I really like your flowers on the necklace from yesterday…. did you just wind fabric around itself to make the rosettes??? thanks for sharing all kinds of art that is jumbled in your hutch! :0)

  3. Gosh, am I behind or what?! Your coaster is nice. Are you going to create a set? Those would make good Christmas presents and I’m sure Chelsea would LOVE to have a set. Beautiful, beautiful work.

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