Honey gal Ava

Today, I am here to show you my newest honey gal- Ava! I wanted to let you know,  why I am calling them honey gals.  Christy said we could make and sell the girls she taught us to make but we could not call them She Art girls. That her name was copyrighted. As, I thought about what I wanted to call them. Grandpa Shorty was in the back of my mine. He called everyone “Honey Child”. Miss you tons Grandpa! XOX

I have shown you Ava in the stages of making her.  Here she is all finished!

12 x  12 inches- Honey gal- Ava

Hope everyone is having a Marvelous Monday! Thanks for stopping in!


5 thoughts on “Honey gal Ava”

  1. Wowza. Totally fabulous work. There is no end to your creativity. Your honey girl name is awesome. I know how much your grandpa means to you and what a way to keep him in your daily thoughts. You keep these gals coming.

  2. I like so much this finished ‘honey gal’ of yours!!
    I did not find any link to a web shop, do you have one 😉 ?
    And, this is a marvelous monday, indeed!

  3. Love your honey gal (and the name). The houses all line up are so sweet too!

  4. Each piece you make is more fabulous than the one before! Love the Honey Gals, you will sell them all, for sure!

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