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Happy Friday everyone,  hope the sun is shining where you live. It finally is here today, but back to rain for the weekend they say!

I love a good Royal wedding!!!! How about you? Last night the boys and I made banana bread and scones for this am while we watched the wedding. Yes, I am one of those crazy people that got up to watch it!  I went back to bed after the wedding and then got up again when the boys had to get ready for school! Just in time for the DOUBLE KISS!

Kate’s was gorgeous! I can’t image wearing all that fancy stuff, not even for one day ( didn’t on my wedding day)! Which brings me to my latest necklace- “royal heart”

I used lots of things I love- vintage book page, a photo of some wildflowers from our family farm, 2 beads that I made, and leather.

I am off to watch a little more on the wedding and ate another scone! YUMMY!

Have a “ROYAL” day! Thanks for stopping in to visit!


3 thoughts on ““sweet””

  1. I like this necklace so much! Your beads make it 🙂

    -Me too, I was watching the wedding and just had to make two pairs of a bling earrings 😀

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