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Monster Monday

The school year is over and summer vacation is here! WOO HOO! Today is our first day of summer vacation! The boys start summer school and swim lessons next week. It’s only in the mornings 🙂 We are working on making an Art Journal this year, each day having a different theme. Today’s theme was Monsters!

First we did drawings: They could only use pencil, crayons and markers…oh and Morgan is our neighbor girl that hangs out with us on Monday’s 🙂

Next we got busy in the kitchen and made Monster Cupcakes- YUMMY!

Finally we did chalk paint drawings:

I believe it is going to be a great summer!


Hope you are all having a Monster good time today! Thanks for stopping in, your comments are AWESOME just like each one of you!


6 thoughts on “Monster Monday”

  1. It’s all gorgeous. How fun. Yay summer. And that lily project: DROOL!

  2. Fabulous Monster Monday! Wish I could be there to enjoy a cupcake too!

  3. OMG your pendent is so amazing. I can tell you love making them. Everyone of your pendents are so different from another. Keep them coming.

    I think art journals are a great idea. It keeps them stimulated for sure. Those monster cupcakes are hilarious. You’re the best mom!

  4. Every monday should be monster monday! Love your theme days of summer. So good to see you and the boys and your monday friend making art together 🙂

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