It’s OK

******All this pendants have been listed in my Etsy shop*******

Here it is, the new series “It’s OK”.  We have to remember that “it’s OK” to have feelings, ask for help, etc…. I think we all forget that sometimes! So, I am telling you “It’s OK”, be you …be different…. be FABULOUS!

Close up of ” scarlet bright” and “delicate flower”

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  The boys and I had lots of fun! Spent a lot of time in the studio. I have lots of exciting things to show you this week.

Thanks for taking time to come visit me and leave a comment. Means so much to me 🙂


4 thoughts on “It’s OK”

  1. Love the title, the inspiration and these pendants are AMAZING! {{adore}}

  2. Holy smokes GF, these are over-the-top wonderful. Do you work with tweezers? I am in love with the idea of adding those words. Being teeny tiny I’m curious.

  3. Yeah, thumbs up for the shop!! These are so extrordinary, cute but so meaningful!
    Have a lovely week, K!

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