Roll with it

I must confess, I have a syndrome called….”I can make that”! Lately, I am addicted to pinterest!  Oh my  heavens, I find some of the neatest stuff!

This necklace  is one of those things, I have seen many versions of on pinterest and thought heck, I can make one ! Of course mine is made out of recycled sari silk.  It is so light weight to wear! This is my favorite color combo to wear this summer! What color combo are you digging to wear?

Thanks for stopping in to visit! Your comments brighten my day!


6 thoughts on “Roll with it”

  1. OMGosh girl. You blow me away and totally out of the water. You are uber talented. How many can look at something and replicate it. Not many. Your necklace is gorgeous. I followed your link and fell in love with the owl that can be seen on the front page. Thanks for such eye candy!

  2. LOVE IT!!! Can’t wait until you are at Farmer’s market in Janesville!

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