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Magical Gala

Nothing in the world is better than going to the fair when you are a kid (or an adult). It is a magical place. A place to relax and enjoy the ride. A special place for dreams to come true.

You can try your hand at some games to see if you are strong  enough to win.  Maybe you need to be a little bit lucky too (WINK).

Get some excitement from going on a ride or two!

Look at the animals that you dream of having some day

Be a blue ribbon winner

The fair also reminds you that every cloud has a silver lining.

“rainbow after the rain at the fair”

After all this inspiration, I made this necklace for the Vintaj monthly challenge-“Carnival Ferris Wheel”.

Hope your day is magical. Remember that if you look hard enough,  you will see the rainbow though the clouds. So, relax and enjoy the ride!

Thank you for stopping in to visit. Your comments…make me a happy soul!



10 thoughts on “Magical Gala”

  1. Love your pictures and that necklace is just gorgeous. Love love it!

  2. Love the fun fair pics – looks like you all had a great time – and what a fun necklace as well! You always create the best stuff!

  3. Love these photo montage posts you are making….awesome how the jewelry goes along for the ride too! xo

  4. Yes, photo montages are fabulous! Hugs my friend, the necklace is wicked.

  5. OMG what an awesome necklace. You always surprise me with each new project because you use so many mediums. You go girl!

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