Can you see into the future? Do you wish you could? I often wonder why some people have more insight then others. As I think of it now, I think some people believe in themselves more than others. More confidence in ones self brings more insight? or does it ? These are the questions,  that I ponder when I can’t sleep! Anyways, here is the necklace that came about from these thoughts.

Tomorrow, I will be posting a teaser photo of the beads, I am sending off to my partner  (Shea Zukowski ) in the Bead soup by Lori Anderson.  I had such a fun last time, had to do it again. I even talked my very talented Sister-in-Law Tracey into joining 🙂 I had a great time shopping for beads with her today at our local bead shop (Meant to bead).

Thanks for stopping in to visit! Your comments mean the world to me! Thanks again,


6 thoughts on “Insight”

  1. Oh Kimmer, you are too sweet! It was fun and we need to get together more often. Hard to believe we live across town from each other and never seem to find the time. Your necklace is pretty, very original. Like the red/turquoise or aqua combination. I got my soup all put together and packaged, ready to go! It looks so nice together. Cant wait for my partner to receive it! Hugs!

  2. Great detail for the pictures too! If you ever go to Racine, stop downtown at Funky Hannahs…. a good friend of mine is a beader… it is always fun to see your fresh talent! Love to see all the directions art takes you!

  3. Beautiful necklace. I love how the fabric is nestled in there.

  4. WOW K! This necklace totally rocks!!! I adore the colour red and it would look fab on my neck 😉 LOL

    In all seriousness, this is one of my favourite pieces of all times.

  5. Good golly miss molly. I can’t get over your talent. Every day you surprise me with such beautiful, and unique, work. You find inspiration all over the place. Yes, I’m on a journey and wish I could see into the future. You’re right about some having the right intuition–my girlfriend is that way.,

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