i heart macro

Another week has come and gone, which makes it time for i heart macro.  Still being blessed with a few nice days hided in with the  cold and gloomy days we had this week. Tracey and I were able to get out and take our nature walk.

This week,  I got those macro tubes. So the first two shots are using them. I can see that they are a bit hard to get a super duper clear shot of the whole subject.  A tripod most likely would have helped! This was the best I could do! Practice practice right?

These are using my normal lens!

Thanks for stopping in to check out my shots! Hope you have a marvelous week!


20 thoughts on “i heart macro”

  1. I think you did wonderful with the tubes, especially for using them the first time. I love how tattered the wings of the bee are. the flower looks amazing close up. My favorite shot is the one of the spider. He is amazing from his eyes right down to his hairy legs! You have got me really curious on what you have to show me Monday! No fair teasing me like that….lol.

  2. Beautiful macro photos! That last one of the spider, well I have to be honest…it creeps me out a little! I think it’s because the focus is so sharp that it actually looks like it’s crawling at you! I can’t believe you can actually see the little hairs on it’s legs!

  3. Very nice macro considered it was your first time. I’m sure it’s not easy using the tubes anymore than using the macro filter. That’s what I use. And it can be very tricky to get a good shot. But like you said… practice… practice…

  4. I think the macro shots turned out great! A tripod would definitely help. I’m not a big fan of spiders but that shot is incredible! Actually, they are all incredible!

  5. Tripod is a definite help for macro. Some great shots, especially the little spider.

  6. They are all have the touch. It must be so nice to go on nature walks with a friend with a purpose in mind! I would love to do this!

  7. Oh yes great spider shot!!! Bee is pretty scary ( read looks good) too!

    Happy Sunday!

  8. Utterly awesome shots! My favorite is the curling leaf with the tiny strands of web and that glorious spider! He is so handsome!

  9. I have to agree, they are all wonderful shots but that leaf seemingly being pulled by the spider web strands almost tells a story, as if I want to see who’s pulling the strings. very cool!

  10. Beautiful photos are delicious those colors and excellent details, wonderful macros.

  11. Very nice macro shots – especially that spider! Ewww,….he makes my skin crawl but the close up of him is so awesome!

  12. GF I just love looking at your photo’s they are always awesome and life like.

  13. I’m all about that bird – gorgeous shot! And yeah, glad that the spider was last….it’s an incredible shot though 😉

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