i heart macro-

Another week has come and gone….another month is in the books. The air is a little bit chiller, more and more vegetation is turning brown, and it is getting dark much much sooner.  This week we had some cold wet rainy days, but I was still lucky enough to seize a day or two with my SIL- Tracey, my nieces. and great niece and nephew.  We have so much fun getting coffee/lunch and then off for some time in nature!

Here is what my week looked like:

Hope your week was wonderful as mine! Thanks for looking at my photos!


16 thoughts on “i heart macro-”

  1. The food has me drooling and the little feet have me awwwing! I know that’s not really a word, but you know what I mean! Great shots!! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! That lemon scone looks almost as good in the pic as it tasted.. My absolute favorite picture is the 3rd one, although each and every one of the shots is exquisite. The baby feet are so sweet. I am loving spending time with you,. Love you too! Thank you for all you do with me and for me!

  3. oh my wonderful shots, love the lemon and those precious little feet

  4. Oh, little toes, littles toes! They are so sweet!! The lemon scone looks wonderful!!! Fantastic shots!

  5. Kim, just wanted to pop back in and thank you for the times you’ve visited my blog….and I again I love those little feet….
    I couldn’t reply via email post…..

  6. love all of the images; beautiful… great way to categorize your week. thank you. kareninkenai

  7. A lovely collection of photos here. Love the purple flower and baby toes most.

  8. The frozen leaf, the purple flower, baby toes, just beautiful! And pie and hot chocolate you can almost, almost taste!

  9. Great images Kim..thank you for showing us your week in such style.

  10. The cup looks yummie and those baby feet are just too cute! Thanks for sharing your pics Kim 🙂

  11. what great pictures! baby feet!!!!! and love the leaf shot!

  12. I love your week in macro! Each and every one are just lovely. And those baby toes. . .squeeeee!!!

  13. Those are all wonderful shots. I love the frozen leaf photo. Now, I think I might grab a scone and some coffee. 🙂

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