i heart macro- bits and pieces

With this being a short week and both my boys being sick it was hard to get out and take photos. Tracey and I did manage to get out one day. We thought we would go to our local garden but they were not open…so we milled around outside the gates.

“fenced out”

“locked out”

“pine cones”


“red leaves”

“pussy willow”

“new fiestaware mugs”

Thanks for taking a peek at my photos! Hope your weekend has been filled with lots of love and happiness!


12 thoughts on “i heart macro- bits and pieces”

  1. stunning photos, love the pinecones and the nail….hope your boys are feeling better….

  2. Liked your “nailed” shot the most.
    Its the objects that one would never consider pretty that make the most striking shot sometimes.
    Nice job

  3. great photos!

  4. Pussy Willow made me crack up – private joke! We had so much fun walking around while locked out. I love the Fiesta ware picture. Such pretty colors, love the bokeh. I didnt even see that nail! Cant wait to see what you post for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Love you!

  5. Even when locked out, you find beautiful things to shoot…or everyday things you turn into things of beauty when you photograph them! I love the abstract view of “fenced out.” “Pine cones” would make a perfect holiday card–it’s just perfectly lovely! (“red leaves” nice for that too!) But the amazing work of art here has got to be “nailed.” How you made that rusty old thing with twisted wire hanging out look like something really special is, well, …something really special! Really nice job on all!

  6. Well you did pretty damn good! Love the pine cones! Hope everyone is feeling better!

  7. Locked out or not, you sure did get some really great shots. Beautiful!

  8. Oh goodness, if you hadn’t said that was a pussy willow I would have been so clueless! What an awesome, kinda freaky, shot! Some awesome shots were found while you were locked out 🙂

  9. wonderful macros; i like all of them – my daughter purchased fiestaware on Black Friday — same colors — the set is beautiful. what nice compositions, too. thank you for posting. kareninkenai (i heart macro)

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