i heart macro – heinz 57 edition

This week Tracey and I got together a couple of times for coffee and capture time.  Since most of our beloved nature is hiding away until spring. We sit patiently waiting  old man winter to bless us is a beautiful dusting of snow. Until then  we scavenger for some bits of goodness.

Here are some of my favorites macros for the week:

Mr. Duck

American Flag

Water by the Dam

Ring Buoy


ice skates

Mrs. Doe

Peach bloom tea steeping


Thanks for stopping in to check out my shots!


12 thoughts on “i heart macro – heinz 57 edition”

  1. I love these! The water is beautiful and I’m loving the feather detailing on the mallard.

  2. PS. Kim I just want to add, thank you for the past visits to my blog and the wonderful comments. I do read them all but cannot send a little thank you note back, your post appears as a non-reply 😦
    but just wanted you to know I appreciate your visits…have a wonderful week

  3. Fantastic shots – love the diverse pictures! I love the rust on those ice skates and the color on the duck – wonderful!

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