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i heart macro- holiday flowers

As, I am not able to get around very well right now (see the surgeon in a couple of days), I had to be creative this week.

Here is what I have been working on- bead embroidery pendant. I have lots to learn! Anyone have any good resource for me?

Christmas cactus

poinsettias in many pretty colors

decorative cabbage

Cat bed party. I know this is not a macro shot but it’s cute! SMILE

Thanks for taking a peek this week! Enjoy your week!


9 thoughts on “i heart macro- holiday flowers”

  1. great shots, love the colours in your pendant, beautiful plants and cats….
    hope all goes well next week….

  2. i love the different colors of poinsettias 🙂 very lovely!

  3. Calling by as another participant in iheartmacro, good to meet you. A lovely selection of macros.

  4. I love the pendant you are working on! And in addition to the poinsettias, the cabbage is a real scene-stealer! Love the color of that thing and the bit of ruffle! Enjoyed your collection of photos!

  5. Love what you are working on and the colors of the poinsettias are fantastic. I also love the Christmas cactus. The cat bed is a hoot! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the poinsettias. Your embroidery looks beautiful. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Wonderful photos!

  7. Beautiful photos of the poinsettias. And the bead embroidery pendant is so pretty! Love the colors in it.

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