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Memories, Dreams and Reflections

Here is my walk down memory lane for 2011 with MDR!

1. Me!

2. I Love You.  This is a picture of my husband as we waited for the sunset at our family farm. I love that he is always ready to go out on hike to take photos with me.

3. Still Laughing: Ben had to do a song and dance during one of our nature walks. He can always make me laugh!

4. Winter Wonderland: A poor little bird with ice on its wings from the Blizzard in January.

5. Birthday- Benner celebrating 6 years old

6. Friends- Since, I did not have any photos of my friends ( must work on that for next year) is one of my four legged friends! LUCY!

7. I Was Inspired- How can a beautiful rainbow over the river not inspire you?

8. Spring Fever- Spring garden display at one of the local gardens

9. Travel or Vacation: Sunset after going to the fair while on vacation

10. Summer Days- Playing in the water

11. A Day In My Life: If it’s summer we are fishing

12. All Smiles: My boys make me smile all the time

13. Autumn Harvest: The giraffes at the zoo in fall!

14. Family or Home: All my guys

15. Celebrate! 12 years of Marriage

16. Let’s Do It Again…. A BUCKS game

17. I Miss You: A view from the lane on our family farm

18. Beautiful: The might oak

19. Dress Up: Ben and Morgan all dressed up for Halloween fun at school

20. Macro- my favorite little fungus

21. Holidays: Ben by the Christmas Tree

22. My Favorite: Photo of a morning dove from one of the first coffee dates with my SIL- Tracey

23. Don’t Ever Change:  I hope my boys are never to proud to let a girl drive them around in their PINK Barbie car!

24. Just Because….So There! Devils Staircase trail, just because you have ballet flats on doesn’t mean you can’t hike the trail!

25. Hopes and Dreams:  That our country is safe and that we never come under attack again!

Wow, what an under-taking that was! It was bitter sweet to look back at 2011! Looking forward to 2012!


10 thoughts on “Memories, Dreams and Reflections”

  1. Oh such a beautiful year with so many amazing images! The little cold bird is an incredible capture!

  2. So many pretty pictures here! My inspiration was a rainbow too. So beautiful and full of hope! Happy 2012!

  3. Very beautiful! What a memory book! Happy New Year!!! Can’t wait to see the journey into 2012!

  4. Awesome set, love your winter Happy New Year!!
    I just started up Tickle Berry Moon here is my other blog.

  5. What a great set – I especially love still laughing. how fun! Happy New Year!

  6. Fantastic photos K!!! I know you love your family so much and this is such a perfect reminder of how grateful you are to have them. Best wishes to you and the boys for 2012. HUGS

  7. It was nice to see your year recapped. The top photo of you is so, so beautiful. It is the same with her heart–beautiful. Happy New Year to you and your family xox

  8. It was nice to see your year recapped. The top photo of you is so, so beautiful. It is the same with her heart–beautiful. Happy New Year to you and your family

  9. What a wonderful idea to use your photos for reflection. I really enjoyed seeing pics of your guys, those giraffes at the zoo, and those trail stairsteps! And, obviously, YOU know how to take a photo of a REAL bird! I’ll have to keep working toward that! Ha! –Sharyl

  10. You did a wonderful job looking back at 2011. So many memories and such love for your family. I hadnt seen the giraffe picture, its really pretty and represents fall very well. Lol I remember that staircase well. We had so much fun that day. We wondered why it was called then until we went up it and realized why! I cant wait to see where 2012 takes us. I hope on many many more adventures. We have so much to look forward too, a new baby, time in nature, family time, growth in our photography and art. Its all so exciting and I am glad you will be there with me. Love you!

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