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i heart macro- January love

It’s that time of the week for i heart macro! Tracey and I were able to get out for coffee/tea/breakfast/lunch and a walk (and many giggles). This was my first full out nature walk since surgery, I did pay for it for a few days. But it was worth! Okay, enough about that silly foot of mine..on to the photos!

a heart shaped pod

dried sedum

dried leaves

This is a knife we found stuck in a tree limb, sort of freaky! You never know what you are going to find out in nature.


I love you- found written in mud on a post down by the creek!

Smiley face walnut!

Thanks so much for stopping in to check out this weeks shots!


11 thoughts on “i heart macro- January love”

  1. Beautiful shots. I love the heart pod. You captured it wonderfully. I love the colors in the woodpecker.

  2. Wow – love your shots from your nature walk! I especially love the dried sedum and the woodpecker!

  3. Such great photos. The woodpecker is so cute and that knife – that’s pretty freaky and you completely captured the feeling when photographing it! Amazing!

  4. The woodpecker is a beaut you really capture it ‘s beauty and the walnut shell OMG how funny I feel like I am strolling along with you.

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