Photography, Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Both, my boys were off Thursday and Friday this week for conferences. Both day we were able to get out in Nature and look for prompts. It was so fun to hear them brain store for ideas on what I should  take photos for the prompts.

1. Crossed: Two trees that crossed in growing

2. A Glimpse: Here is a glimpse of what a 9 year old boy can do with a camera. He was so happy, I let him take shots with my “big canon”! I think he did a great job!

3. Handwritten: Here is that same sweet 9 year old boy reading a letter his Grama  sent him.  She wrote him to tell him, how proud she was of him for do jump roping for the American Heart Society!

4. Bliss: Being out in Nature is alway peer bliss. Another thing that would be Bliss for me would be to owe one of these bad boys (maybe not this one it needs to much work, LOL)  and pack up my family and head out on an adventure! Someday!!!!!

5. Gray: Pretty little squirrel

Thanks so much for taking time to check in! I feel so much bliss from your comments!


11 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday”

  1. Excellent choices for this week’s hunt. Great find on the crossed trunks – and good for your little fella for participating in the jump rope for the American Heart Society. I miss those days when my children participated in this (and other) charity events at school. Now it is ‘give 3 dollars’ and that’s the extent of their participation — not nearly as fulfilling.

  2. I enjoyed your Savenger Hunt collection. You’ve got a great nine year old on your hands! He’s already doing such wonderful things in life. That’s attributed to good parenting and guidance. Thanks for sharing your day!

  3. These are all great! Love the handwritten note – my grandparents used to write to me when I was a little girl and I wished I kept more of those notes!

  4. A glimpse was beautiful and I had to smile at bliss because that has always been a dream of my husband and I:).

  5. I love the glimpse shot – I think that 9 year old boy has a natural eye.

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