i heart macro

Wow, this week has been crazy busy. Tracey and I were able to meet up once for tea/lunch/and some bead shopping but the weather was not up for photo taking! To much snow coming down and wind blowing . I was able to get out today for a while today with my friend, Jeni! She took me to a new spot and then we headed in for some coffee!

Here are my favorite shots from today:

A leaf floating in the creek. It was amazing to me with the all the snow, the creek has not frozen over.

Brown leaf, Brown leaf what do you see? Okay, I think I have been reading to much to my boys! LOL

Do you see that heart shape in the tree or is it just me? I think hearts are my symbol! I seem to find them everywhere I go.

Snow cover and icy poor little leaf, still so full of fall color!

Peeling bark! Did you know that bats, will sleep in the peeling bark? Make sure you check for them. None this time!

I know this little woodpecker is not a true macro, but I was so excited to see him in this new spot. I had to include him, that was my deal with him! WINK WINK!

Thanks so much for stopping in to check out my macros, this week! Your a gem 🙂


17 thoughts on “i heart macro”

  1. Looks like you found a great new spot. I love the leaf floating in the creek. Very cool shot. Looks like a heart to me. Your hearts are all around you like hawks are for me! Hard to believe that little golden leaf can hold all that snow. Great pop of color in that shot! Your little woodpecker is beautiful with the snow all around him. Great shots! Looks like a much better week coming up for us. Spring just cant get here soon enough! Love you!

  2. stunning photos, makes we want to go for a walk. I love the leaf in the water….thank you for visiting my blog, have a wonderful week

  3. The first little leaf in the stream looks like it is coated in gold. Love the heart tree..and the woodpecker is so beautiful… I have never seen one in real life. He is very handsome.

  4. First, says the Librarian, you can never read too much to your boys! 🙂
    Second, I find these photographs so very pleasing to look at! The floating leaf on the water is so perfect and clear, and seems amazing you caught it at just the right time. I also wonder at the snow piled on that lovely little bright orange leaf. Why is it still orange and what keeps it from falling off? Finally, what I assume is a woodpecker, which could have gone unnoticed with it’s white and black, but you’ve captured him in your photo so very clearly! I could stay and look at this batch a long while! Thanks!

  5. Very nice photos. I especially like the first and the last one.

    Regards and best wishes

  6. We have a little woodpecker like this making our place his home. I adore him though I do not see them very often. Your photos of the trees and the bark with the snow on them are lovely, and your leaf captures are excellent. This is an especially nice post this week. genie

  7. Those are all amazing shots! beautiful! That heart shaped tree hole made me smile 🙂

  8. Oh! You really captured some beautiful shots. I’m particularly fond of that first one. There’s something so serene about that leaf floating on top of the water. I do see the heart in the tree. I bet from any other angle it didn’t look quite the same, but you just happened to catch it perfectly! Cool.

  9. Strange , this post shows up with a dark color to it, what shade is the primary color on your web-site?

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