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I heart macro

This week my camera BROKE, it is going to the Doctor on Monday! So, this week I only had my little point and shoot and my iPhone. Tracey and I were lucky enough to get out one day and go for a beautiful walk in Nature. We went to a new spot and just as we came out of the woods a guy came running out after he spotted /chased by a BLACK BEAR, we were only about 5 minutes from seeing. Excited and scarey all at the same time.

Okay here are the photos, I took with my iPhone:

This next couple were taken with my little point and shoot canon. I understand the “circle of life” not saying that sometimes, I like it very much. This sweet little bunny, I was only able to save from being lunch from a big nasty crow for a little while. His brother was not so lucky, the crow got him on the first scoop 😦

Thanks so much for stopping in to visit and check out my photos!

Enjoy your Sunday!


5 thoughts on “I heart macro”

  1. Man, those iphones take some awesome pics. And the bunny is too cute for words,….I’ll pretend I didn’t read the part about the crow! 🙂

  2. Wow! Great phone photos… the bunny is adorable and I too, will pretend I didn’t hear about the crow 🙂 My phone takes great photos but doesn’t upload easily… got to figure that out cause I keep missing great shot opportunities!!

  3. Those are incredible shots from the phone and point and shoot! And the bunny is so sweet.

  4. I love the bee pictures but they are all great! Have wonderful day! 🙂

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