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Woo hoo- OWLS

I am going to make this short and sweet today since right now I am suppose to be packing for a long weekend away! I just wanted to share a couple of new necklaces with you.  First, I want to talk about your spiritual animals, you can goggle it an take a million and one survey’s to find out what your spiritual animal is. One of mine is the owl. I am not one of these jump on the band wagon type of gals since owls are cool I am going to do a bunch of owl pieces. Not that anything is wrong with that, it would be good marketing. I guess my point is that owls have a special meaning to me.

So, here are the necklaces:



I would love to hear what your spiritual animal(s) is! It’s sort of fun if you believe in this time thing or not!

Well since I am getting a little long winded now, I better fly off and finish packing.


Have a great rest of the week and weekend! Thanks so much for stopping in!


4 thoughts on “Woo hoo- OWLS”

  1. Sloop cute!! I don’t have a spiritual animal..but you’ve got me thinking about it now. 😊

  2. Love your post. It is funny how you ended it. Funny girl. I LOVE your owls.

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