Dollar Dollar WHO has a Dollar?

Yesterday we did a little shopping at Target. Of course I started to push my luck with Mr. Ink when I wanted to look in the Dollar section at Target! They have all their Valentine stuff out and I found these cool magnetic half snow globes. They are about 2 x 2  1/2 inches. So you know they are right up my alley. Here is what I did with the two I got! I will need more for sure :WINK:


This is another one of the photos of took of the kids at Christmas.  Collaged and stamped the background with my regular bag of goodies.


This photo is one I took of the boys this October when we were up at the family farm!

I can see these a FUN little Valentines Gift! Today we are suppose to take down the tree, I really would rather wait until tomorrow when so many hands are not trying to help! LOL! Today is the last day of vacation break for the guys at my house!

Enjoy your Sunday! Thanks for stopping by!