Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Weekend! My well it was a big old bummer here- Benner got hives from his medication 😦 He will be having his tonsils out and sinus fixed up March 6th! Mr. Ink had to work all weekend! Oh well I guess it is just another day. I did get my hair cut which was much needed! I will post a photo of it soon! I got lots of layers!

Ok, I am starting to ramble so here goes today post for today! I finally got a challenge done for Mixed Media Monday. The theme this week was hearts and wings and we all know how much LOVE them! As luck would have it for me, I had my last board book for my Yahoo Art group! The board book I have is the lovely and talented Tejae Flyode! Her theme was hearts- so it ws perfect for the challenge and for MMM!


The heart flaps down and this is what the inside looks like:



white gel pen


golden fluid acrylics

old text

butterfly stickers

dymo tape

hard molding paste


ebony pencil

charcoal pencil

Thanks you so taking time to stop in and visit me! Your kind comments mean the world to me!



21 thoughts on “WOVEN”

  1. Oooooh how I love your style! Very Beautiful. Hope your loved one gets better real soon.


  2. Amazing! This is gorgeous. I wish I could do this type of mixed media art!

  3. I love the butterfly wings… amazing. You could do an entire book of hearts and different size, color, shapes of just butterfly wings, taking flight. Butterflies are free to fly.

  4. Your board book pages are so sweet. I love the little flap and the butterfly wings.

  5. Another great board book. I want one of those script labelers.
    Sorry to hear Ben is not feeling well. It’s that time of year. Lots of bad stuff going around. Stay well. Sending smiles and hugs.

  6. Oh, that is just wonderful! I love altered board books. I hope Benner is feeling better now.

  7. Kim, it’s a lovely spread. The owner will be thrilled! Diane

  8. You did such a lovely job in the board book. I know how much you enjoy swaps. What a treasure to have you work in a book!

  9. Hi, K! Wonderful submission. I like how the heart flaps down to reveal “fly free”–an encouraging phrase. Thanks for sharing and inspring.

    I look foward to seeing the photo of your new layered hair cut. ;-D


  10. Wow – what a wonderful work, love your board book, the pages are so beautiful.

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