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Stitch it up…polar pal


I made this card by stamping on fabric then stitching it up! The stamp is by Sunflowers and Dragonflies Creative Designs. Winter time means hot coffee and stitching for me at night. Well, I loved that I was able to stitch up this card at night and then in the morning make it into a card! I am so ready for spring but here in WI we are not even close to spring- boo hiss! They are calling for atleast 4 inches of snow today 😦

Thank you all for stopping in! Hope you all have a wonderful day! You comments always make my heart smile!



6 thoughts on “Stitch it up…polar pal”

  1. Very cute! I’ve seen where other people stamp and stitch too…. sounds like a lot of work to me! But isn’t that the cool thing about paper crafts… so many ways to turn it in to something else! Must just be a WI snow, just flurries here… but is the weatherman always right??

  2. Awesome work! I was so thrilled to receive this in the mail, and now it sits proudly in a frame–in my studio.



  3. Kim! Oh my…I love, love, LOVE this. Wonderful! This is the perfect card for those of us in the Great White North! Oh my…I really love this. Your stitching is perfect!

  4. I’ve never seen a stitched polar bear before. He’s so cute.

    I ran on the beach today. I got in a fight with a guy that was putting starfish into a bag to take home as a souvenir. I counted 65 starfish on my run. Then, I got stung by a bee in between my toes and still had another 1/4 mile to run with a stinger in my foot. Ouch!

    I guess some may call it trouble in paradise.

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