Card, Wax

HELP….I’m melting…

Ok, I am not really melting! We only have gotten a tiny sneeze of snow- it is just to warm for any of it to stay around! So everything is starting to melt! YAY!

Last night I started playing around with melted crayon technique.  With some help from Mr. Ink – I took step-by-step photos 🙂

So, lets get started melting!


crayons (thanks Chels for leaving these at my house :))

Something to melt the crayons with- I use a hot mark



printer paper or notebook paper


Step One:

Turn on Hot melt and pick out crayons. Then you put your card stock down and melt the crayon into the hot mark


Keep going with colors until your whole piece of cardstock is cover with the crayon wax.



This is how it looks after you have all your crayon wax on the card stock

Step 2:

Time to melt off the wax. Plug in iron. Get printer paper or notebook paper.

Put the notebook paper over the cardstock with your melted crayon wax. Iron.





Here is your new background that you can stamp on.

This is what I did with this background! I used the sketch that Jennifer posted on her blog today. The door stamp I used is from Sunflowers and Dragonflies Creative Designs.


Then the inside:


Sorry about the bad knock knock jock but the ink spots are really into telling me then these days! LOL

One last thing to share with you before I go today! My new hair cut, lots of layers!


Hope you take time to try the melted crayon. It is so fun! You can stamp first then melt your crayon. Thank you so much for stopping in! Have a wonderful day.



19 thoughts on “HELP….I’m melting…”

  1. Awesome job Kim!! You make it look easy. I wonder if it would melt using a heat gun

  2. Cutie patootie new hair! Love your tutorial. I’m thinking that even a small travel iron or curling iron might work to melt the crayon onto the paper. I have a new tool at home that will work. Just need to get home. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial.

  3. Hey KImmers love the new hairdo, looks awesome on you! hope things are well w you!

  4. love love LOVE the new haircut!! it looks great, and so shiny and healthy looking. Thanks for the great tutorial!! hmm, now what can I melt some crayons with? I may try the curling iron, I might have a cheapo left my school days, lol

  5. Great Stuff… must get mine out again… Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog

  6. What a great post–Nice job on the tutorial, cute card & joke, and great hair cut. I love the layers! Thanks for playing with my sketch challenge!

  7. CUTE haircut….

    I might be the only one who doesn’t like the smell of melted crayon…but the result sure looks neat!

  8. I am diggin’ the new haircut!!!! It frames your very pretty face, beautifully!!! Thank you for the excellent tutorial. I have all of the items you’ve listed, and I can’t wait to try my hand at this!

  9. Wow, that haircut is awesome girlfriend!! I see everyone else loves it too. Great tutorial. TFS. The results are neat, and that joke is so funny.

  10. I love your new haircut! I got layers for the first time in forever and really like it. I’m no artist, but fondly remember making melted crayon church window cards in first grade. Something about putting crayon chips between waxed paper. They probably don’t let first graders play with hot flat irons these days, but it sure was fun. And smelled GREAT!

  11. my 3 kids have just discovered knock knock jokes, I’ll pass this one along. cool crayon technique, will have to try it!

  12. thanks for sharing this fun technique!! And your hair is WAY too cute!!!!!!!!!!

  13. You look beautiful. I love your layered haircut. Makes me want to grow my hair a tad longer.

    I love crayons and the smell, Mr. Ink is a great helper with your tutorial. Great tutorial.

  14. I’ve been experimenting with melted crayons myself, lately! This is a twist I hadn’t thought of yet. 🙂

  15. First of all, your haircut is awesome and looks wonderful on you! Secondly, I MUST try this technique and am so grateful to you for sharing it!

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