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Moving along

Oh my heavens, I can’t believe how fast the time is going. I promised I would be back with some new jewelry and I don’t have any 😦 I have had migraines really bad for the last couple of weeks. Thank goodness, they are just a dull ache now. I can handle that!

I have really had to push myself to work on The Art of Giving class and I’m really far behind in that 😦 Plus those sweet little boys of mine want to do last minute summer stuff!

So here is what we have been up too.

Nature Walks (and playing in the creek)


Spending the day at the family farm and watering Aunt Kelly’s pumpkin patch



Spending some time at Stamp club working with A*muse Studio stamps. Chelsea always comes up with the best projects.


I also made a cute little candy bar card! It holds a huge candy bar! YUMMY!


Here is some of my Art of Giving work:




Today, I am headed to the Doctor to hopefully get some answers! Thanks for stopping in to visit! Have a happy Friday!


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Saddle up….

My Mojo, had up and left me. I have been down and out in the art department as of lately. I think , I lost it after my surgery. It is slowly starting to come back to me now.

With Valentine’s Day coming up next week. We are busy making school Valentines. I love to help the boys do this as much as Halloween treats! SMILE!

Today, I made my Valentine for my hubby. Nothing like giving a handmade Valentine! I kept it pretty simple. Made a lovely background with stencils and paint. Then used my Amuse Studio heart dies to cut out three. Pop it up on top of red paper! Added some bakers twine, staples and a sentiment.  Then I was all set!

Are you making any Valentines? Link me up if you are! I would love to see them!

Thanks for stopping in today!


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When life takes your breath away

Have you ever had life,  just take your breath away? Sometimes it is a wonderful thing that takes your breath away…sunsets, nature, a beautiful person, etc… Sometimes it is something shocking, something you did not see coming and it hits you like a ton of bricks.

Life continues to take my breath away. As, I try to keep my lungs full of air. I have to remember what is most important to me. Then my lungs can  fill of air again once again.

Here is my bracelet “Just Breathe”

Bracelet is leather. Hand embossed and painted. Center collage done by me.

As you seen yesterday, Chelsea is now an amuse studio demo. So, to support her and to have a little fun myself. I made a card for the Amuse-A-Palooza challenge #1: Glitter.

Supplies: Stamps used Amuse Studios: Mad for Plaids and Thank you mix, amuse studio button blackberry, lace, frost glitter, kraft and white card stock, flowers are Sizzix

In other news the boys got registered for school today 🙂 Found out who their teachers are going to be. Both are very excited to be starting school on Sept. 1st 🙂 Seems impossible that I have a 1st and 3rd grader!

Thanks for stopping in to visit! Have a wonderful day! To everyone that takes the time to comment- thank you so much 🙂



DUO goodness

Have you ever gone to your mailbox to find a package or two in it and you have NO idea what is in it  or why you got it???? That happened to me recently.  When I looked at the return address it was from FISKARS. I thought oh no they made a mistake…I did not order anything….but it had my name on the package. So, I opened up the first one.

Here is what I found: Falling for You

and in the second one: Framed

Since,  I am a Fisk-a-teer,  sometimes I will get a survey asking what I think of  new crafting products. A long time ago, I got sent a survey on new punch ideas  and we could suggest names of the punches. So, I did and they picked TWO of them! How cool is that!!!!

Here are a couple of cards I made with the punches I named:

Some notes on my cards: I used the two new punches- Falling for you and Framed on both of them and the “waste” on them too.

Also, did you notice that both my cards have some wicked fun plaid on them? I made that plaid with A muse -Studio stamps- mad for plaid, all other stamps are Amuse Studio too. You see the second big thing today is that my BFF – Chelsea has started on a new journey by selling stamps for Amuse Studio. Check out her online store.  I am so happy and excited for my talented friend! I know she is going to totally ROCK!

Thanks for stopping in to see my COOL news! Your comments, make my heart sing!


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Here have a virtual doughnut and sit back and read all about my soup arriving to my partner Shea.

Mini doughnuts we made last night. YUMMY!!!!

Here is the package that I sent,  unscrambled so you can see it nice and clear 🙂

All the beads are wrapped in coffee filters. I stacked them and tied a sari recycled silk around it (so she could reuse it) and added one of my pendants to it.

I also made a little card to write a little note in it:

Size is ATC, 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches

Okay, drumroll please….here are the beads:

I can’t wait to see what Shea does with them! I know it’s going to be spectacular!

Thanks for stopping into day! Hope you enjoyed the donuts…te he he!



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Birthday wishes

Today is my good friend, Jeni’s Birthday! I took her a brownie cake for breakfast because you should have cake for breakfast on your BIRTHDAY!!!!

Made her a card:

Stamps from Studio 112, AMuse, and SU

Then I took her out for lunch at Fuji…..partly because I wanted some Mango Mochi icec ream (SMILE) The food was really good and the people at our table were nice.  They even wanted to share some of their sushi with us…Jeni said no…and the lady was like but it is so good…do I did it…tried sushi …it was green river sushi- yep yep EEL in it! After the first bite it was not so bad! LOL

Happy Birthday Jen!

I have been working on more pins. Ben challenged me to make him a pin with the items he picked out. So, here it is 🙂

Thanks for stopping in to visit! Happy Tuesday 🙂


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With it being a long holiday weekend, the days are going fast! We seem to be busy all day and night long. I did get to spend a little time creating a card! Yes, you heard it right, a CARD!

Inspired by all the glorious growth in my garden!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend 🙂 See ya on Tuesday for a new line of pendants!  Thanks for your visit and comments!


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Last night was the graduation of a good friend of mines daughter. This is what she has to say about watching her daughter graduate.

“Words cannot possible express the amount of pride I felt during Katrina’s graduation tonight. It was, by far, the proudest moment of my life, thus far. Looking into the sea of blue, I saw myself sitting there not so long ago wondering what the world had waiting for me. And, tonight I found my answer.”

Here is the card, I created for Katrina…

Image is a free digi from Bugaboo digi stamps (No, I still am not a fan of digi’s). Congrats grad from TAC, colored with copics. stencils, and stars, and scrappers floss.

Of course I thought, my friend needs a little gift too….it’s been a bumpy ride at times..

“Honey Gal mini Trina”

Life is an eternal journey that has no end and is full of challenges and rewards.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping in to visit!




In my last post,  I posted a video from the The Note Project– Well, I made the pledge to send out a note of appreciation to someone in my life. So, I thought well….I need to make a card to write my note in.

Wood grain stamp from Amuse rest of the stamps from Stampin Up. Colored with Letraset Aqua ProMarkers and watercolors.

Here is the new custom stamp that I ordered from this seller on Etsy. Yes, they are overseas but it came really fast and the are AWESOME to work with.

Finally. my friend Peggy recommended this book on her blog.  I have just started reading it and am really enjoying it so far! Thanks, Peggy!

Thank you all so much for stopping in! I appreciate your comments! Have a wonderful Sunday! I am off to do a winery tour 🙂


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Sweet Thing

Hope your Mother’s Day was filled with time spent with the special women in your life. Mine was wonderful. Time spend in front of water with my guys was priceless! Having tea with my wonderful Mother- In- Law and a lovely message left by my “Mom” on my voice mail. Made it a perfect day!

Of course nothing is more special than just giving your time to someone, but homemade gifts sure do come close.

and homemade cards!

Some mothers are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together.  ~Pearl S. Buck

My guys are the sweet things in my life! Love you to the end of the ocean!

Thanks for stopping in! Your comments are “sweet things” too!