DUO goodness

Have you ever gone to your mailbox to find a package or two in it and you have NO idea what is in it  or why you got it???? That happened to me recently.  When I looked at the return address it was from FISKARS. I thought oh no they made a mistake…I did not order anything….but it had my name on the package. So, I opened up the first one.

Here is what I found: Falling for You

and in the second one: Framed

Since,  I am a Fisk-a-teer,  sometimes I will get a survey asking what I think of  new crafting products. A long time ago, I got sent a survey on new punch ideas  and we could suggest names of the punches. So, I did and they picked TWO of them! How cool is that!!!!

Here are a couple of cards I made with the punches I named:

Some notes on my cards: I used the two new punches- Falling for you and Framed on both of them and the “waste” on them too.

Also, did you notice that both my cards have some wicked fun plaid on them? I made that plaid with A muse -Studio stamps- mad for plaid, all other stamps are Amuse Studio too. You see the second big thing today is that my BFF – Chelsea has started on a new journey by selling stamps for Amuse Studio. Check out her online store.  I am so happy and excited for my talented friend! I know she is going to totally ROCK!

Thanks for stopping in to see my COOL news! Your comments, make my heart sing!


8 thoughts on “DUO goodness”

  1. Congratulations! That is very cool that you named the punches. The cards are beautiful!

  2. WOW!!! That is awesome that you NAMED THE PUNCHES!!!! How cool!!! Love the cards, LOVE the PLAID!!!!

  3. Okay, everybody used my words, very cool, awesome, wow!!! How fun is this? You always amaze me with your new posts. Isn’t it great to be an artist? Keep the fun coming!!!

    PS Thank you for the nice comments on my blog :0)

  4. Wowzers!!! Way to go Kim! Congratulations on your picks and new punches!

  5. A big congratulations. Nothing is better then receiving an unknow parcel. It’s even better when you get some loot. You for you. I do indeed love that wiked plaid. K, you are so very awesome.

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