WPD and Soup Arriving

Happy World Photography Day! I have to say I love taking photos, so I could not let the day pass without sharing some photos we have taken in the last couple of weeks or so .

First here are two shots from Ben:

“lion” – he knows it’s a tiger!

“collections” in my hands

Then here is a photo by Sam:


Joe even had to get in on the photo action:

Here are a few on my favorite shots, I have taken this week:

So go celebrated today and always….ROCK OUT on your camera! SMILE!

Okay, on to the Bead Soup Arriving! Man on man, am I a lucky gal! Here is what Shea sent me:

I have so many ideas spinning around in my head! I can’t wait to create something with them!

Happy Friday! Hope everyone enjoys the weekend! I know, we have a busy one planned here 🙂 Thanks for stopping in today!


13 thoughts on “WPD and Soup Arriving”

  1. Wow, isn’t your photography awesome. The bicycle photo really “spoke to me.” Lucky you, your package is awesome.

  2. GREAT shots, Kim! What’s the B&W image above the cloud shot of? I can’t figure it out…but I really like it!

  3. Wow! I love your pics and I bet that you will have so much fun with those ingredients.

  4. Wow – love the soup- And your pics are great. Bead Soup is really a great thing, I never would have found your blog otherwise:-)

  5. I really, really love your soup…I love the colours and the focal…I can visualize something really stunning with this…no pressure or anything!
    Will look out for your finished piece/s.

  6. You ARE one lucky gal! Those are lovely bead soup ingredients! Can’t wait to see what you cook up!

  7. What a wonderful photographer you are.
    Beautiful ingredients!

  8. This is a great soup and the focal…! Did Shea make it?
    Have fun cooking!


  9. Hi, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog soup.
    You have some great ingredients to work with as well look forward to seeing your creation.

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