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Here have a virtual doughnut and sit back and read all about my soup arriving to my partner Shea.

Mini doughnuts we made last night. YUMMY!!!!

Here is the package that I sent,  unscrambled so you can see it nice and clear 🙂

All the beads are wrapped in coffee filters. I stacked them and tied a sari recycled silk around it (so she could reuse it) and added one of my pendants to it.

I also made a little card to write a little note in it:

Size is ATC, 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches

Okay, drumroll please….here are the beads:

I can’t wait to see what Shea does with them! I know it’s going to be spectacular!

Thanks for stopping into day! Hope you enjoyed the donuts…te he he!



5 thoughts on “Arrived”

  1. Wasnt it fun to shop for all those goodies? I love how you packaged them. Who (besides you) would have thought to use coffee filter?? My partner got her package too, so I will be posting my soup a little later today – hopefully! Your photos are great too.

  2. Isn’t it so fun to package things creatively for those who appreciate ‘every’ little touch?? from the thoughtful idea, the presentation… the gift…. the packaging details,… the tag… the ribbon….. those kind of gifts from artsy fartsy caring artists are the best!!! How clever and fun! Can’t wait to see what’s next o the horizon!

  3. Coffee filter packaging … Brilliant!

    Love your necklace and donuts look yummy!

  4. Wowza GF, your beads are out of this world gorgeous,. They are so perfect. The packaging is so unique, but then again do we expect anything else from you?

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