First off I am going to say, I am  not claiming to be super religious, nor am I embarrassed or afraid to say I believe in a higher power.. I am a very spiritual person. Also, I am not trying to telling you what you should believe or not believe.  Okay, not that I got that off my chest. I can continue with my my inspiration for today’s necklace.

Lots of things happen, that we just do not understand. A child gets cancers, a family that is struggling financially…  house burns down while they are away, a couple struggling to conceive a baby finally gets pregnant and then loses the baby, a man/woman walks into work one day and with out notice is terminated, etc…. Of course we could all go one with these stories of  WHY.. WHY.. WHY???

They say that everything happens for a reason.  Sometimes we do not understand that reason, but in time we will understand . We have to be patience. For me,  I also depend on some prayers. What helps you get though the hard times? The speed bumps? The hula hoops of life?

“Saved” in my etsy shop –SOLD

Thanks for stopping in to visit today! Have a wonderful day! Your comment always bring sunshine into my heart!


6 thoughts on “Saved”

  1. Your post is deep today my dear! Love this necklace, it is wonderful. I really like the colors.

  2. Love it…Prayer IS beautiful and is MY rescue, my comfort, my acceptance and…LOVE…


  3. I LOVE it Kim, it’s really true that we should not depend only on our own! Have a wonderful day.

  4. Boy does this post hit home. I wish I could forsee why things are he way they are.

    Your necklace is perfect for your thoughts today. I love it.

  5. I want that! If my mom wore necklaces, she would wear it daily. You would not believe what her faith and many prayers have done for her. I wish I had half the faith she does.

  6. Lovely…. I’ll be home soon my dear friend!!!! Miss you tons and I know it’s been tough.

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