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Birthday wishes

Today is my good friend, Jeni’s Birthday! I took her a brownie cake for breakfast because you should have cake for breakfast on your BIRTHDAY!!!!

Made her a card:

Stamps from Studio 112, AMuse, and SU

Then I took her out for lunch at Fuji…..partly because I wanted some Mango Mochi icec ream (SMILE) The food was really good and the people at our table were nice.  They even wanted to share some of their sushi with us…Jeni said no…and the lady was like but it is so good…do I did it…tried sushi …it was green river sushi- yep yep EEL in it! After the first bite it was not so bad! LOL

Happy Birthday Jen!

I have been working on more pins. Ben challenged me to make him a pin with the items he picked out. So, here it is 🙂

Thanks for stopping in to visit! Happy Tuesday 🙂


4 thoughts on “Birthday wishes”

  1. What a wonderful surprise to wake up to!!! Thank you for the birthday brownie cake and card, Kim! Sorry I was still sleeping when you delivered it. It’s my birthday and I can sleep in if I want to! LOL Lunch was entertaining and delicious and the cultural music was…unforgetable. And, Mango Mochi is fun to eat. =)
    So blessed to have a friend as wonderful as you!!!! Luv ya!
    P.S. Great job with Benner’s challenge.

  2. What a happy post. You are so sweet to make your friend a cake, and to go out to lunch. Your pendant is another gorgeous piece of art. Your rock!!

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