Art of Giving

Sending out postcards

The Art of Giving Class that I took with Regina Lord we did a postcard swap at the end. I have to say I was a little tardy on getting mine out! We had to do 5 postcards. I am waiting on the last one to arrive to me ( glad I wasn’t the only tardy one).

Here are the postcards, I made:

I am so grateful for all the wonderful artist I met in this class! It was truly a wonderful experience that I  treasure!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Thanks for stopping in!


Art of Giving, necklace


Faith IS success in life
Faith is the catalyst within
Faith is the belief to begin
Faith is the foundation and the frame
Faith is the power that helps you win
Faith is the concentration of your brain
Faith is the power to know and to do
Faith is the cure for ‘NO’ and those that ‘Lose’
Faith is your spirit, your sinews, your soul
Faith is the body that truly has all control
Faith is the beginning and the end
Faith is everything therein
Faith can move mountains and valleys and hills
But faith can do NOTHING…
Unless YOU are there.

by Jeff Rushton
Last Friday, I was diagnosis with Firbomyalgia.  Right now as,  I look for that faith within me to get me though some difficult days. I made this necklace to help me remember to HAVE FAITH.
I also have been working a little more on my Art of Giving class work. We were to make a blessing banner. Regina Lord showed us how to take canvas and make one. It was great BUT you had to sew…and me in the sewing machine de-friended a long time ago. So, I went to Hobby Lobby and got a canvas banner book and used that.
I am super excited with the way it turned out! I hung it on the wall in my studio!
Thanks for stopping in! Hope everyone is having a wonderful HUMP day!
Art of Giving, Card, Journal page

Moving along

Oh my heavens, I can’t believe how fast the time is going. I promised I would be back with some new jewelry and I don’t have any 😦 I have had migraines really bad for the last couple of weeks. Thank goodness, they are just a dull ache now. I can handle that!

I have really had to push myself to work on The Art of Giving class and I’m really far behind in that 😦 Plus those sweet little boys of mine want to do last minute summer stuff!

So here is what we have been up too.

Nature Walks (and playing in the creek)


Spending the day at the family farm and watering Aunt Kelly’s pumpkin patch



Spending some time at Stamp club working with A*muse Studio stamps. Chelsea always comes up with the best projects.


I also made a cute little candy bar card! It holds a huge candy bar! YUMMY!


Here is some of my Art of Giving work:




Today, I am headed to the Doctor to hopefully get some answers! Thanks for stopping in to visit! Have a happy Friday!


Art of Giving, Journal page


Last week, I got an email from Regina Lord that I WON a spot in her e-course Art of Giving! I was over the moon excited! Of course, I got a little behind right off the bat since Sam got sick. He seems to being doing better for the most part now. Still has his days of extreme pain 😦 Anyways…back to the Art of Giving.

Here is some of my class work.

Background for my journal

More backgrounds

Messy hands from all the fun

Messy desk

Page one-

Page two-

This is as far as I have gotten. I am hoping to spend the whole day tomorrow in my studio! I am so grateful I won this class! I can’t even say! I am having the best time! I am so working on some new jewelry pieces! I am super duper excited about them! Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping in!