Art of Giving, necklace


Faith IS success in life
Faith is the catalyst within
Faith is the belief to begin
Faith is the foundation and the frame
Faith is the power that helps you win
Faith is the concentration of your brain
Faith is the power to know and to do
Faith is the cure for ‘NO’ and those that ‘Lose’
Faith is your spirit, your sinews, your soul
Faith is the body that truly has all control
Faith is the beginning and the end
Faith is everything therein
Faith can move mountains and valleys and hills
But faith can do NOTHING…
Unless YOU are there.

by Jeff Rushton
Last Friday, I was diagnosis with Firbomyalgia.  Right now as,  I look for that faith within me to get me though some difficult days. I made this necklace to help me remember to HAVE FAITH.
I also have been working a little more on my Art of Giving class work. We were to make a blessing banner. Regina Lord showed us how to take canvas and make one. It was great BUT you had to sew…and me in the sewing machine de-friended a long time ago. So, I went to Hobby Lobby and got a canvas banner book and used that.
I am super excited with the way it turned out! I hung it on the wall in my studio!
Thanks for stopping in! Hope everyone is having a wonderful HUMP day!

2 thoughts on “FAITH”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with fibro. You poor dear! Loving your banner and your inner strength. You certainly shine!

  2. Oh Kim, I’m so sorry about your diagnosis. I know quite a few people with fibro. Love the cute banner you made. That little bird is so adorable. Text me and let me know how Sam is.

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