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Moving along

Oh my heavens, I can’t believe how fast the time is going. I promised I would be back with some new jewelry and I don’t have any 😦 I have had migraines really bad for the last couple of weeks. Thank goodness, they are just a dull ache now. I can handle that!

I have really had to push myself to work on The Art of Giving class and I’m really far behind in that 😦 Plus those sweet little boys of mine want to do last minute summer stuff!

So here is what we have been up too.

Nature Walks (and playing in the creek)


Spending the day at the family farm and watering Aunt Kelly’s pumpkin patch



Spending some time at Stamp club working with A*muse Studio stamps. Chelsea always comes up with the best projects.


I also made a cute little candy bar card! It holds a huge candy bar! YUMMY!


Here is some of my Art of Giving work:




Today, I am headed to the Doctor to hopefully get some answers! Thanks for stopping in to visit! Have a happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “Moving along”

  1. Love it all! Every photo of your ‘art’ is like a piece of sweet magic! love your art of giving….. can I CASE some of your stuff???? All wonderful! Sorry about the headaches…. at least it’s cooled down outside. Happy Weekend time…. love those boys!!!!!

  2. Another awesome post. Loved your pics on Facebook and now over here. You really enjoy your photography and it shows. Your new art pieces are stunning. I LOVE the new colour scheme you have been using. Your work blows me away. Truly!

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